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Andrew Carnahan in The Book Club; borrow, buy, give, sell and trade books!
21 Aug 22:47 Arlington, United States

I want this book (the Black Swan by Talebj! I almost bought a copy at a bookstore today before I realized that somebody on Buddler probably has it. I'll #borrow, take it for free, #buy (cheap), or #barter for another book, a beer, or whatever.

Edit: I can pick it up either this week in the DC area or starting next week in the Stockholm, Sweden area.


Bidding closed for this bud.

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    22 Aug 00:10 Robin Hesselstad

    Aaaargh I want it too! :D Read n had it in school but lost it :(

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    22 Aug 01:02 Andrew Carnahan

    I thought, "I bet Robin read this in school!" I'll donate it to the Buddler Library after I read it. :)

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    22 Aug 07:06 Karl Johansson

    I have a copy somewhere, I'll see if I can find it

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    22 Aug 10:52 Robin Hesselstad

    ha ha

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    22 Aug 13:37 Thomas Arctaedius

    I have it, I can bring it to the Castle. And barter for a beer.

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    23 Aug 03:57 Andrew Carnahan

    Great, Thomas! I'm in the US the rest of this week, but I'll be back next week.

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    18 Jun 13:04 Robin Hesselstad

    Did you ever get this book Andy? :) I wanna read it too

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    18 Jun 13:27 Andrew Carnahan

    I did! I can bring it to Open sometime.

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    18 Jun 13:56 Robin Hesselstad

    woho! sweet